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Eurodekadencja [Jul. 17th, 2010|03:56 pm]
idąc przez tory tramwajowe w stronę pierwszej platformy, złożyłem na czworo dodatek Wyborczej poświęcony Europride, w którym znów zamieszczono moje zdjęcie, i włożyłem gazetę pod okładkę Boga urojonego niesionego w torbie na ramię. wywrotowych ulotek nie liczę.
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Cover your eyes and behold! [Jun. 1st, 2010|10:47 pm]
nothing new to say even though so much happens.
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Outburst of creativity number whatever [Mar. 18th, 2010|11:59 pm]
a joke that was never used on 'Allo 'Allo:

on one of their hapless grand·escapes-turned-wanderings the British airmen stumble upon a new communist resistance team who introduce themselves as “the Freedom-Loving Women Of Languedoc” with the famously botched French accent of the show.

British airman: “of long duck?”

a Benny·Hill-esque sequence of eroticized remarks follows.
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The tiny pearls life strews at your feet [Feb. 21st, 2010|10:40 pm]
just when you think you're heading for the dream Madeiran vacation, the island gets blown off the map.
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A view from my window: the bombardment of Beirut has begun. [Dec. 31st, 2009|05:41 pm]
so, just to break the fourth wall, noteworthy things keep on occuring but my drive to make things into words hasn't returned, a fact that cannot be explained solely by the other respiratory infection which has annoyed the phlegm out of me the last few days. thus i'm sticking to my laconic tradition of posting meaningless links to nerdy videos. also, everyone reading this is obviously going to have a happy new year.

(the term ‘other respiratory infection’ courtesy of House, which i've been watching a lot these days, and not finding it particularly mind-blowing.)
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Today's two attractions [Oct. 15th, 2009|08:15 pm]
fun signs at an equality march and lengthy conversations with a Bible-thumping Facebook acquaintance.
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It's snowing while the trees haven't yet turned. [Oct. 14th, 2009|06:01 pm]
on the tram to work an idea came to me of a book i wouldn't mind to browse if i ran into it in a bookstore — an analysis of older women's attitude toward today's fashion, and not just esthetic statements that they like this or don't like that because it is undecent, but also professional assessments by tailors and designers; how contemporary garments work in terms of quality, function and lenght of use in contrast to those from the times before chain stores.

other than things like that, not much happens in life. the few reflections i get are not worth blogging about. but it's alright.
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Stand on history [Sep. 9th, 2009|02:36 pm]
my outlook on the place of history in day-to-day life apparently much differs from that now predominating in the society of Poland.

i understand the sentiments that drive decision-makers to commemorate the enormous imprint that World War Two has had on this country, however at times it gets too close to exhibitionism for my tastes. it's like a shoutout to the world that goes, “hey, look at my wounds! don't they make me special!? i was almost killed by my fellow brethren seventy years ago!”, except it seems to skip the part that says, “i was unable to heal since that time because apparently playing the victim game has been so much more appealing”.

i mean, seriously, i'm fine with erecting great monuments and smaller things like keeping bullet marks on buildings that undergo renovation, but the case of this building in Ochota has me squirming. the authorities have blocked an investment to turn an unused attic into habitable space because, here it comes, there are fragments of German artillery bullets lodged in the rafters and they need to be preserved. logically, it is to me equal to a hypothetical decision not to rebuilt the destroyed city in order to memorialize its destruction. munitions that crippled the town are now what hinders its development, and why? because those munitions need to be preserved as a valuable memoir. so what that they're stuck in some inaccessible attic. so what that there are at least four museums in Warsaw that keep expositions depicting the wartime experience of the city, where the rafters could be easily displayed to a greater overall benefit if they are indeed of such great merit. so what, finally, that said rafters are in bad shape structurally and replacing them with a more reliable support has been recommended. they will stay where they are, for they are sacred.

“look how my leg was blown off by a shrapnel! i was offered a prosthetic limb but i declined because i hope this way everyone will easily see how much of a war hero i am. now, could you please help with my wheelchair?”
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A może jednak Linkr? [Sep. 8th, 2009|02:17 pm]
Wojtek Orliński mnie uprzedził, ale co tam, znalazłem to jeszcze przed jego artykułu, a sama rzecz wciąż mnie rusza, więc zalinkuję na wypadek, gdyby ktoś jeszcze tego nie widział. korci mnie, żeby pojeździć po parkach i na własne oczy pooglądać te dekoracje.

inna ciekawa historia, klimaty Solidarnościowe. (niby powinno być od małej litery, ale uparcie uważam, że pisane od wielkiej jest łatwiejsze do odróżnienia pod względem logicznym od możliwych innych zastosowań tego słowa.)
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The recession [Sep. 2nd, 2009|09:08 pm]
i like to think of myself as of a reasonable shopper. there's strong evidence — i avoid buying things on a whim and i don't make unnecessary acquisitions; consideration is a vital part of every purchase. doing it otherwise would be uneconomical, unecological, and harmful in numerous other ways. my motivation is mostly financial for there's a tightfisted Scottish cliché lounging in my head. but then, i've always seen rational budgeting as an asset, and if the side effect is getting ten items of clothing for three hundred zlotys, i'm all for it! (this year is great for sales hunting¡; prices keep going down in September!)

unfortunately, there is a downside to everything, and in this case it's the difficulty i have justifying expenses. i just got back from the local mall with a huge bag and a dilemma of equivalent size. is blowing nearly half my monthly salary on a suit and two sets of matching shirt and tie a good investment if i'm not likely to wear it more often than once a year? logically, it is, since it'll last for years, and my friends just began throwing wedding receptions, and i took effort to harmonize some of the stuff with Tiger's new suit so we could swap, and he doesn't need to buy the purple tie he'd wanted now as i have one, and the shirts will go with jeans as well, and numerous other ands, but then i can't get rid of the feeling that i didn't stick to the plan which only had space for one shirt and one tie instead of two, partly so because i was going to be borrowing Tiger's new pink shirt anyway. i see it as a failure of sorts, even though the whole pack still costed less than a suit alone would have in most stores, and all the items look really hot on me and are of good quality. it's bugging me that i got more than i'd intended, and that while the suit was very advantageously priced, the accessories totaled the same, which seems an imbalanced proportion, particularly if i haven't yet bought shoes and belt. this sentiment is without doubt unreasonable since i'd have to get all that stuff sooner or later, but somehow i can't get rid of spender's remorse.

okay, no point in fretting over this now, there are better things to be worried about, like the future of peer-to-peer servers. time to go finish cooking my mushroom ratatouille and watch the season finale of Weeds.
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